How does it work?

Because the Netherlands is a relatively small country everything is well accessible by public transport. The easiest way to move around the country and cities is by getting an “OV Chipkaart”. This card is valid for all types of public transportation, such as train, bus, tram, metro, OV bike and even the waterbus. For most of these means of transportation it is possible to buy a single or day ticket but not for all. It is therefore highly recommended to purchase an OV card. You can easily check how to get from A to B by using the 9292 app (or or the NS app.

Where do you get an OV Chipcard?

There are two types of OV cards, the anonymous one and the personal one. There are different ways of purchasing one, depending on the card.

1. Anonymous (blue) card

The anonymous card is useful if you travel every now and then using public transportation. The card costs €7,50 and is valid for 5 years. Because it is anonymous and not attached to a name, you can share the card with friends and family (but not at the same time, every passenger needs a card). You can buy the card at different stations, tobacco stores and some supermarkets. At bigger stations you can buy the card at a service desk or at the automatic machines. After you have purchased the card you have to top it up before using it. Mind you, for travelling with the bus, tram and metro you need a minimum of €4 on your card, while for travelling with the train you need at least €20.

2. Personal (yellow) card

The personal card is useful if you travel often with public transportation. The personal card costs €7,50 and is valid for 5 years. It is on your name and you can charge it with different subscriptions, such as the ‘Dal Vrij’, ‘Weekendvrij’ or a subscription for the OV bike. When you travel a lot in certain times this might be a cheaper option. You need to order the personal card online (for this you need a Dutch bank account and Dutch address) which you can do here. Once you have requested a personal card, it will be sent to your home and then you can top it up. If you have a subscription your minimum credit for travelling by train is €10, without a subscription €20.