Culture Coordinator

Unity in diversity, diversity in the unity. This value is in line with the Culture Coordinator position. The goal of this position is to make international students aware of the Dutch culture. This can be done in many ways, so there are no limits!

Social Inclusion Coordinator

The Social Inclusion Coordinator represents and works on implementing one of ESN's causes: Social Inclusion. This cause has been covered through various ESN Projects in previous years, such as SocialErasmus, Mapped, Erasmus in Schools and ExchangeAbility.

IEG Coordinator

The IEG Coordinator is responsible for the team of ESN The Netherlands that goes to the International Eramus Games. Depending on the interest of the sections, and IEG Coordinator will be able to organize a national selection round to select the most viable participants and lead the delegation of ESN The Netherlands at the International Eramus Games 

IT Coordinator

The IT Coordinator supports the National Level on IT related subjects.