Welcome to the National Board!

You, as an international student in the Netherlands, might not directly be in contact with us. However, our mission is the same as the local sections. We want to make your abroad experience as great as possible.

The National Board connects the local levels with the international one, in addition to that, we organize National statutory and non-statutory events for the local sections. One of these events is the National Platform (NP). During the platforms, which are organized three times a year, all the member sections of the national networks assemble to discuss everything regarding ESN. Next to this we aim to work as an advisory and supervisory body for the sections of ESN the Netherlands, as well as facilitate larger National Activities, such as a big trip to a city abroad. Besides all of this, we, as the National Board, play an important role in advocating for youth and students' rights on both a national and international level. 

The main focus of ESN is placed on current exchange student and internaitonal students in the Netherlands. Since international students experience quite some struggles, socially, academically and culturally, we try to foster their integration process in the Dutch society. ESN does this is through activities in the local sections, which include cultural and social events such as trips to various places within the country, open stage nights, language projects, international food festivals and social drinks. In addition to that, many sections have introduced buddy systems, which help the international students mainly in academic and practical integration. ESN also provides relevant information and encourages the future exchange students to gain the international experience and gain relevant insight into different cultures.

It is not uncommon to come home from your exchange and miss the amazing atmosphere and community you built. At ESN, we welcome local students who want to connect with their local international community by joining our events or volunteering as an active member or a board member! As an experience expert, your ideas on how to make the experience for international students in the Netherlands are of great use. Check in with your local section to see what you can do to keep that international vibe alive!