Isanya Köhne

Dear Erasmus me, 

My time abroad has come to an end. The adventures I’ve had and the memories I’ve made, I shall cherish forever. But as to everything else in life, things pass, and so has my time in the Netherlands. Maybe too soon. However, I can confidently say that time here has changed me for the better. Upon arrival I was greeted by cold and rain, causing me to appreciate every time I stepped over the threshold into my new home. But then came the spring and the sun, and the country became so inviting to explore. I’ve seen many different sites in such a small environment and they all stunned me. From small towns with cobble roads to the dunes and the sea. In every corner of the Netherlands there’s some beauty. Experiencing this together with the friends I’ve made, who are all from different corners of the world, will forever linger on my mind. 

Even though this period abroad came with a significant amount of complications such as the ever ongoing pandemic that crossed the globe and caused to shorten my stay abroad, I try to look at this time as something special. I’ve become much more independent and have gotten a better understanding of myself. I’ve become more knowledgeable and aware of different cultures and I’ve learned to appreciate things in my life that I didn’t stop to think about before. I’m glad I got the opportunity to study abroad and look forward to similar experiences in the future. For now, I’m staying safe and soon we will all be on to the next adventure again!



The year has indeed come to an end and I personally want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read one or more of our many stories we’ve featured on this platform. It’s been a blast writing the blog for ESN the Netherlands almost every week and I look forward to the new term. Until then, enjoy the summer (or winter) wherever you are, stay safe, and see you soon.