Erasmus Student Network The Netherlands is part of the international ESN Network. This is a network of more than 500 local organisations (sections) in 40 countries in the European Higher Education Zone. ESN The Netherlands currently consits of eighteen sections, but we are always welcoming new sections. On the National Level, there is a National Board that runs ESN The Netherlands, supported by the National Committees, National Coordinators and the Council of Advice. Three times a year the National Board organises a National Platform in which representatives of the eighteen Local Boards, the National Committees and the National Coordinators come together to make decisions for the Dutch Network and work on self-development.  

ESN contributes to a mobile and international student life in The Netherlands and operates as a non-profit organisation under the principle of 'students helping students'. ESN The Netherlands is the key volunteer organisation for international students and internationally interested students within the Netherlands. We speak on behalf of mobile students in the Netherlands and provide them with opportunities for cultural understanding and self­ development.